Hello, I'm Alex Cavazos.

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer from Monterrey, Mexico.


I got interested in technology since very young. I started teaching myself how to code when I was 15 years old using online platforms like Codecademy and Treehouse, marking the start of my self-taught career as a software engineer.

Since early, i’ve worked as a freelance developer, helping entrepreneurs and small businesses build and launch digital products. I’ve also worked for multiple remote-first startups where I had the opportunity to take on many roles such as system architecture, design, user research, and scaling, as well as working for a Fortune 500 company where I had the chance to contribute to big scale solutions that supported millions of users.

I’m currently working remotely as a Senior Software Engineer at Able, a product acceleration studio based in New York with 100+ talented builders from across the world.

I'm very passionate, self-driven, and always enjoy teaching myself and others new things around web development. I've been a speaker at multiple tech meetups in my city, advocating on modern best practices, and participated as an instructor at a coding bootcamp, CeroUno.

Tech Stack

I believe there is no silver bullet that works on every occasion but I do have a go-to stack I like to start with, making adjustments as the project evolves. While I cannot include everything on this list, the following are the most common tools you’ll find me using.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next, Node, Tailwind, Prisma, Postgres, Mongo, and Redis.

Developed with Tailwind.css and Next.js

This website is open source on GitHub